Giles County Humane Association

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The Giles County Humane Association is a Foster-Based Rescue group with an immediate focus on affordable Spay and Neuter Programs.  We raise awareness iin the Community to the importance of Spaying and Neutering and the direct impact this program has by the reduction of overpopulation.  In addition to our Spay and Neuter Program, we also work with Rescue Groups and Foster hoimes to assist in the placement of our Rescued animals.  Our ultimate goal is to open a shelter and build our working relationship with the local pound to reduce their euthanasia rate.


If you would like to help the Giles County Humane Association, please consider becoming a Foster parent for a dog or a cat!  We are also in need to Volunteers, Members and Donors.  Any way you can help--our Animals need you!

A Chained Dog is a Lonely Dog

We ask you today to change your mind about chaining your dog outside for life. Dogs are very loving, very pack-oriented creatures. They want nothing more than the love of a family and to feel like a  member of your family; you are their pack. In addition, dogs who live chained are more likely to bite, because they are mostly unsocialized with people, frustrated, and territorial. You can put a stop to this. You may feed and water your dog every day, but that does not begin to fulfill their needs. Dogs need interaction, exercise, and love. They are the neediest pet in existence, most like us in their need for companionship.